VBA Code Samples and
Frequently Asked Questions

Save time looking for code by using our VBA code samples. This page also has links to many frequently answered questions. Click here to go to the VBA Code Samples and FAQ
If you are new to VBA you can get a ballpark view with binoculars from a blimp by going to our Free VBA Tutorials

Again, if you are new to VBA, we recommend that you follow along with our free vba tutorials. Actually do the steps as outlined in each tutorial to get a feel for it and to become farmiliar with the IDE, Integrated Development Environment, the actual Editor for your VBA code...

After you complete the tutorials, you will be better able to analyze and figure out how the VBA sample code that is linked to from this page works. To step through these samples in slow motion, as it were, with the help of the debug mode.

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Code Samples just below

VBA Code Samples and FAQ

Finding the Last Populated Cell, Row, or Column in a Worksheet
Outlook - Send an Email
VBA Word Menus
Save Microsoft Outlook VBA Tutorial
Save Attachments from Outlook using VBA
Outlook VBA mymailitem Criteria
Move to a Cell in Excel
VBA Word Footer and Header
Using a Spreadsheet for Flash Cards
Formatting Word Text with VBA
Word Tables Column and Row Manipulation
Screen Capture
Move Certain Messages to Another Outlook Folder
VBA Select Folder Dialog
VBA Excel Importing a Text File
VBA Excel Range Usage
Changing the Cursor Icon
VBA Private Sub and Public Sub
Excel VBA Get Column Letter
Deleting a Column in Excel VBA
Excel Worksheets Add Method
9 Easy Word VBA Examples
Export the VBA in Excel, Word, etc.
VBA Insert Picture
Excel VBA Progress Bar
Export VBA Excel
If Then Statements in VBA
On Error VBA
Importing Tab Delimited Data into Excel
VBA and Replace
Convert a String to an Integer Using SQL
Learn VBA Macros - Starting Now!
The VBA Format Command
Copy Paste VBA
Word VBA Examples
About Word VBA Application Object
Excel VBA tutorial
VBA Sleep Excel
Excel VBA Forms
Excel VBA Tutorial - Multiplication Table

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