Microsoft Outlook VBA Tutorial

The following Microsoft Outlook VBA tutorial shows how to send an email with an automatic signature, if you have set up a signature.

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Sub Mail_with_Signature()

    Dim olMailItem As MailItem
    Dim ns As NameSpace
    Dim olRecips As Recipient
    Dim tmpRecips As String
    Set ns = Application.Session
    If Not ns Is Nothing Then
        ns.Logon , , False, False
    End If
    Set olMailItem = Application.CreateItem(olMailItem)
'    olMailItem.Body = "Body of Test Email"
    tmpRecips = InputBox("Enter the recipients separated by ;")
    Set myRecips = myMailItem.Recipients.Add(tmpRecips)
    olRecips.Type = olTo
    tmpRecips = InputBox("Enter the CC recipients separated by ;")
    If InStr(tmpRecips, "@") Then
        Set olRecips = myMailItem.Recipients.Add(tmpRecips)
        olRecips.Type = olCC
    End If
    tmpRecips = InputBox("Enter the BCC recipients separated by ;")
    If InStr(tmpRecips, "@") Then
        Set olRecips = olMailItem.Recipients.Add(tmpRecips)
        olRecips.Type = olBCC
    End If
    Set olRecips = Nothing
    olMailItem.Subject = "Subject of Test Email"
    If Len(Dir("c:\\TestFile.txt")) Then
        olMailItem.Attachments.Add "c:\\TestFile.txt"
    End If
    olMailItem.Body = "Body of Test Email" & myMailItem.Body
End Sub 

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