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To build a website with Site Build It! can be done with No Technical Skills.

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All it takes is a passion, knowledge, hobby or idea. If you do not need It!, surely, you know someone who does.

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How do you save time? By bypassing the churn rate. The churn rate is what the big web hosting companies call the process of selling people a deal that takes them and lets them fail, and tracks how they flow from one web hosting company to the next. This is how 99% of all non-SBI! websites fail...

You save time...

You save money.

Build a website!

When I first learned of SBI! the one thing that tipped the already far-leaning scale was the one thing that looks wrong with this statement…

How is a web hosting service, that does not advertise and is nearly 100% affiliate driven (word of mouth), able to have a 62%-of-its-sites in the top 3% of 100 million websites and rank 270 (Dec. 20, 2009) in the US and 641 overall at Alexa.com, out of the same 100 million websites? 

They have developed a why-didn’t-I-think-of-it process called
C->T->P->M which embodies how people use the web. You create the Content for your site which brings visitors, Traffic. This is what tipped the balance for me, it is one of dozens of modules included in the subscription fee and it’s called Brainstorm It!

SBI! Monthly Billing Option

You enter a Keyword or Keyword phrase and it brings back weeks of what it would take you to do in research. Including supply, demand, profitability (a measure of Demand vs Supply), and more, of hundreds of keywords and phrases.

You build Content pages using child-like building blocks (unless you know and want to use HTML) using the most profitable Keywords/Keyword phrases and the search engines send you Traffic. That’s the first half of the CTPM process. All you need is…

A passion, knowledge, hobby or idea; and motivation, and your brain…

And you could be in business.

Choose to be in the Top 1%.  SBI! sites WORK.  See for yourself what people just like you have created sites about and succeeded

Build a website!

Save Time! Watch SBI! TV now and understand how SBI! makes you succeed. Please be sure to watch Tour It! How SBI! Makes You Succeed.

Then get lost on the Site Build It! website for 20 minutes. If you don’t need It! you surely know people who do need to build a website.

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