VBA Code For Excel

Following are a list of VBA code for Excel at this site.

Finding the Last Populated Cell, Row, or Column in a Worksheet
Sub Last_Real_Populated_Cell()
LastR = ActiveCell.Row
LastC = ActiveCell.Column
Move to a Cell in Excel
 Cells(theRow, theCol).Select
Using a Spreadsheet for Flash Cards
This VBA Excel macro code shows how you can use a speadsheet instead of flash cards.
VBA Excel Importing a Text File
Code to import a comma separated text file into Excel.
VBA Excel Range Usage

In VBA Excel Range can be used in three basic ways. The first way is to directly refer to the Range. For example...

Excel VBA Get Column Letter

You can, with Excel VBA get column letter or letters in two basic ways. The first would be...

Deleting a Column in Excel VBA
Sub Delete_Column_Excel_VBA()
Selection.Delete Shift:=xlToLeft
End Sub
Excel Worksheets Add Method
Your options with the Excel Worksheets VBA add method are all Optional and they are...

Export the VBA in Excel, Word, etc.

You can export the VBA in Excel, Word, etc. by adding a reference to the "Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications Extensibility 5.3" and using the following code...

Excel VBA Progress Bar

To create an Excel VBA progressbar...

Importing Tab Delimited Data into Excel
The file imported is a text file. You can import other types of files such as .xml and .csv, and also database tables and queries from Access projects, Access database files, ODBC, other Excel files, and others...

Excel VBA tutorial
Welcome to our Excel VBA tutorial start page...

VBA Sleep Excel
VBA Sleep Excel is accomplished by using the Sleep API call...

Excel VBA Forms
You can create Excel VBA forms (Excel VBA userforms) in the VBA editor which you display while the workbook is open...


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