Using the VBA Timer 

to Create a Stopwatch

This tutorial uses the VBA timer to create a stopwatch on a userform. You can use either Excel or Word.

First, go to the VBA Editor/IDE; ALT + F11.

Right click on any line/branch in the VBAProject Explorer at the upper left below the toolbars. Go to Insert and click on UserForm. 

VBA Timer - Add userform

Click on the capital A, which is the VBA Label control, and then drag the mouse on the form in a down and to the right fashion to create a label. You can resize the label after you have draw/created it by using the white squares along the border of the label.

SIDEBAR----- you can also resize the form by clicking on any blank space on it and using the white squares along the border.

VBA Timer - Add Label

Next, click on the commandbutton and create three of them along the bottom of the form.

VBA Timer - Add Commandbuttons

Next, using the Properties window, rename the captions from their defaults to Start, Stop, and Reset and the button names to btnStart, btnStop, btnReset. When you click on a control, here a button, you can change its properties.

VBA Timer - Add 3 Buttons

Now in the Project pane on the left, right click on the userform and choose Show Code to open the code window. Paste the following code into the code window...

    Dim dteStart As Date, dteFinish As Date
    Dim dteStopped As Date, dteElapsed As Date
    Dim boolStopPressed As Boolean, boolResetPressed As Boolean
Private Sub btnReset_Click()
    dteStopped = 0
    dteStart = 0
    dteElapsed = 0
    Label1 = "00:00:00"
    boolResetPressed = True
End Sub

Private Sub btnStart_Click()
    dteStart = Time
    boolStopPressed = False
    boolResetPressed = False
    dteFinish = Time
    dteElapsed = dteFinish - dteStart + dteStopped
    If Not boolStopPressed = True Then
        Label1 = dteElapsed
        If boolResetPressed = True Then GoTo Start_timer
        GoTo Timer_Loop
        Exit Sub
    End If
End Sub

Private Sub btnStop_Click()
    boolStopPressed = True
    dteStopped = dteElapsed
End Sub

Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()
    Label1 = "00:00:00"
End Sub

Please note that this VBA timer is only exact to the second and not anything less than.

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